A Sierra Leonean Nanny Pleads Guilty to Stealing More Than $430,000 From Family in Maryland

Kadiatu Sahid Kamara, Sierra Leonean fraudster jailed for 22 years

A former Sierra Leonean nanny has admitted to stealing more than $430,000 from a Maryland family she worked for and using it to buy a house and to visit a casino.  Prosecutors say Kadiatu Sahid Kamara, 50, of Gaithersburg, wrote herself about 118 checks from the couple’s money market account over about two years while she was caring for their children.

Kamara pleaded guilty Monday to mail fraud and aggravated identity theft in the case.  She had never been authorized to write checks from the account, but between May 2011 and May 2013, she forged the signature of an account holder on the checks and then deposited them into her own bank account, prosecutors said. The amount stolen was about $431,542.

Kamara used some of it to buy a house in Africa, to send money transfers and to play games at a casino in Charles Town, West Virginia, authorities said.  The victims discovered the theft and fired Kamara in May 2013. Shortly after, they received a handwritten letter from her, according to the criminal complaint against her.

“I ask your forgiveness. You can take me to court, send me in jail and throw the keys into the sea, your actions will be justified,” the letter from Kamara read in part. “I stole your money to build my house in Africa.”  However, in the letter, she disputed the amount of money stolen.

Kamara faces up to 20 years in prison for mail fraud and a mandatory minimum of two years consecutive to any other sentence imposed. She will be sentenced Oct. 14.  She has also agreed to pay restitution of $431,542

9 thoughts on “A Sierra Leonean Nanny Pleads Guilty to Stealing More Than $430,000 From Family in Maryland

  1. Of course, she is amdisgrace to every sierra leoanean. There is no excuse for her behaviour, whether it is for a house or medical reason, it is a crime punishable by law. She did not build a house or orphanage for the homeless or underprivileged kids in Sierra Leone. She used the money to benefit herself. She was been paid for the job she did. How can you bite the hand that feeds you? May God help her.

  2. It very unfortunate that she use criminal means to make money but am sure she was a hard working woman and a very beautiful fellow Sierra Leonean like any one here. No need to delete her on fb or neither described her as a disgraced sierra Leonean. Am sure there are other many people of her kind just that they are not yet caught on the spot. Am sad that she will have to spend her rest of old age in prison but my prayers and good wishes for her as my fellow sierra leonean will always here!

    Most time I felt real sad for our people who comes here to find their greener pastures and then woefully engage on criminal activities, this is not the country where criminals can succeed longer. You will do it once but u cant do it many because u will be caught!

  3. As the saying goes a crime is committed only when is caught. Still this should be a lesson to people in the diaspora. One does not need to build a house a take a big car to mama Saleone, of course if one can afford those fine things without having to become a thief why not! Please pray for this lady, there are a lot of temptations both here and back home. If one is not strong or has faith in God one could easily be come a victim to fake culture

  4. It is really sad that she did this and I pray the family will forgive her and as she has said, she needs to pay all that money back. This is no excuse.

  5. Nimne, I don’t know what you do but my carrier does not allow me to have those who have been found guilty of criminal offence as friends. My employer looked in to my lineage and backgrounds of my associate. So I was just covering by back and the decision I took to remove her as a Facebook friend is procedurally correct,though I feel very sad for her. You people just talk from your own level.

    • Well then good luck with your career. And I’m glad to know that I’m on a level lower than you are. Remember he who’s without sin should cast the first stone. So stop preaching this cheap guilt by association thing. BTW the word is spelt career and not “carrier”. here’s a food for thought- knowledge is power so free your mind and broaden your horizon no one will call you a thief if you are not. by your fruits people will know who you say you are. Stay safe

  6. Why she still shame on her she Doesn’t need to still to build house for this life why she Don’t build the house she going to in here after

  7. Oh my God! This is unbelievable. It would have been better for you not to be born at all; than to bring a shame on our Country. You could have educated yourself to secure a good paying rather than stealing someone’s hard earned money. I hate your guts. You will rut in jail. Are you sure you are from Sierra Leone?

  8. Kadiatu Sahid Kamara has confess I sin and if God has forgiven her then she will be free even behind bar because there a many people moving around yet they are living a complete secrete life so much so that they can not sleep in the night except they take piles. If the laws are to be followed to the letter I wonder who will survive. I wish I have the opportunity to tell Kadiatu that a set back is always an opportunity for a come back and perhaps this situation is meant to take away the hypocrites from her life and bring into her life the people that will enable her fulfil her dreams. Love you Kadiatu

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