Catch a Movie Rising Star in the United States

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas Chief


Mohamed Bah

Mohamed Bah is a Sierra Leonean living in the United States who is increasingly rising in the movie industry into a hugely successful phenomenon by acting and producing graded African movies. Based on his numerous appearances and his production of movies, Mr. Bah is accelerating considerably in the past few years thus becoming a recognized star to be nominated for African movie awards.

In his advent to become a movie super star, Mr. Bah appeared on a series of movies last year 2013 and upcoming movies in this year 2014.  Some of those movies include, The Fall Guy, produce by Crismachelle Film Company where he played the role of a business man and a drug cartel leader.  Alongside with him in that movie was the appearance of another Sierra Leonean star, Mohamed Mansaray, aka Med Mans, who flew from Sierra Leone to be casted in that movie project. Chigizie Atuanya also flew from Nigeria to be part of that movie. In his other appearances, the star played the role of a businessman in the movie, Love and Betrayal, which was produced by Eva Banks Production.  He also took part in the movie, Bloodline Battle produced by Papa Gee production. His role in that movie was, a traditional chief who was in a dispute to restore the return of a prince whose mother ran with him for his safety until he becomes a man.

Many other movies he appeared in include   The Brat, a movie produced by Cross Link production, where he also played the role of a gardener who falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy man.  He also played a significant role as detective in the movie called, Blind Pursuitwhich was produced by Magnus Production.  All these movies were done in 2013 and will be coming on this 2014.

Mohamed Bah at his professional height

To keep him emotionally invested in his career, the Sierra Leone movie star invested abundant resources to produce his first classical movie, The Secret Past in 2012. The movie was overwhelmingly given full support by the Sierra Leone community across the United States. After watching his first production in the two cities of Texas, Houston and Dallas, Mr. Bah’s fans commented that while they expected the Secret Past movie to be immature it had greatly surpassed their expectations, the movie was highly revered in the African community. To some of his fans, it was a real fulfillment to acquire the American dreams.

As part of his New Year resolutions, the movie actor who turns producer in 2012 is planning to produce more movies this year by featuring some Sierra Leonean actors and other African super stars. He is right now in his power driven shooting for others in his base at Houston, Texas in the United States. Mr. Mohamed Bah made his debut along with a Nigerian star, Desmond Elliot, on the African movie called CAGE where he started to realize part of his life’s ambitions to become who he is today. He started his career in Freetown at local concert featured in different roles.  That inspired him to fire up his imagination and ignites a life-long passion for this thrilling career.

He applauded his friends back home who also have his abiding passion towards the movie industries.  Mr. Bah’s message to the movie stars in his homeland is to stay steadfast and have an open sense of passion for what they are doing. Bring a sense of commitment to do whatever it takes to create a training environment that fosters movie production at the highest levels.

12 thoughts on “Catch a Movie Rising Star in the United States

  1. Thank u Mr.Bah for putting Sierra Leone on top of the movie industry.We need more of Mr Bah .Thank you and hoping to see your new movie soon.

  2. Love this article, wish Bah all the best as Sierra Leone become a house hold name. May God guide you Mohamed.

  3. It nice to see Sierra Leone getting ahead in the Movie Industry. Am very proud ofMr. Bah, keep it up. First time reading your paper.

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