Congratulations to Victor Mustapha Bangura on the Occasion of his Graduation with Honors

Joseph Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Salone Monitor, USA

Victor Mustapha Bangura

The Publisher of the Salone Monitor Newspaper and Staff are delighted to hear that you graduated with a Master degree in Education (Special Education) at West  Chester University in Pennsylvania.  Besides attaining the Master degree you are among Honor students recognized by the honor society.  Honor Societies play an integral role in the student experience, and have been recognized by universities in the United States for More than two centuries. The primary role of an honor society includes providing academic recognition to higher-achieving students, and establishing professional and social contacts for these students within a network of universities. Membership is by invitation. If you meet the academic, class, and ranking requirement, or receive a nomination.   We extend our hearty congratulations. You have reached an important goal by hard work and perseverance. We know you will take your work ethic into your career and have great success.   As our contributing writer in the Salone Monitor, we once again say congratulations for your enviable achievement and the sky is the limit.

Victor Mustapha Bangura,  a product of Kolenten Secondary School and Government Secondary Magburaka and a son of Kambia district, migrated to the United States five years ago after he earned a Master degree in Education with emphasis on Guidance Counseling from Njala University (NUC) in Sierra Leone.  Prior to matriculating to Njala, Mr. Bangura earned a Bachelor of Education degree from Milton Margai Teachers College and in the same college he attained an HTC.  Educationally, Mr. Bangura has International Diploma in Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA) from New Delhi, India and a Certificate in Electoral Administration and Civic Education (INEACE-Institute of Electoral Administration and Civic Education-Sierra Leone.

Mr. Victor Mustapha Bangura possesses many skills and experience in the educational sector.  In Sierra Leone, he was a Senior Teacher and Head, Arts Department, School Counselor, SLTU teachers representative at the Government Secondary Technical School, Congo Cross, Freetown, Field Officer (Education) CARITAS-Makeni Demobilization Center, Lungi and a Research Director (CAMPVO-Campaign for the Voiceless, Freetown).

Achieving these goals in life cannot be realized without God granting him the wisdom and knowledge to overcome the hassle.  In view of this,  he is extending his thanks and appreciation to friends and relatives who supported him morally through this tedious journey, to them I say “don’t give up” what man has done one can always do.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to Victor Mustapha Bangura on the Occasion of his Graduation with Honors

  1. Congratulations, Mr. Mustapha Bangura for achieving your goal. It is a long road and long journey to where you are now but you never gave up. It shows character, seriousness of purpose and a thirst for knowledge. I am sure if Mr. VAL Bangura and Ms. Fatu Daramy were alive today, they would be very proud of your recent achievement. I recognized your talent, intellect, and sound character long ago when you often visited our residence at Tairay, Up Town Kambia, to help us in some of our house chores. Always ready to help and with humility never leave the house without engaging me in some academic discussion. It is remarkable to see a young adult you once knew grow up to become a fine human being. Congratulations and I wish you all the best.

  2. I have no doubt in Mustapha to accomplish such a remarkable achievement. Personally he is almost like a brother to me. I have known him for over twenty years which evolved from the academic world. Today both of us are here the USA and we have academically excelled here in completing masters programs with honors. This is just the start of our quests to seek and reap academic knowledge to its fullest.

  3. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate our brother and comrade Victor Mustapha Bangura for this great achievement in his life. You made the right decision to pursue your educational goals and you have succeeded in reaching an unprecedented height of your purpose in life. Victor Mustapha Bangura is a fine decent gentleman known for his humility, respect and decency. I am proud to be a friend of this gentleman and I just want to wish him every success in his life and future endeavors. Congratulations Mr. Bangura and continue to exhibit those fine attributes of humility, respect, decency and sincerity.
    Prof. Michael Dillo Sesay
    484 685 2064

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