Emmerson Rebuked about Kokobeh Music: SLPP Turns Ritualist for 2017/2018 Elections

By Michael Sesay, Holland

Emmerson Bockarie, inconsistent artist of Sierra Leone

After bribing Emmerson Bockarie to sing against the government just within a year after the general elections in 2012, they now turned onto witch-doctors to sacrifice some of their comrade’s souls. In fact the length of Emmerson’s song can even make you loss appetite of listening. The song has also part 2 with a total length of approximately 20 minutes the two songs combine. I’m not in any way defending the government but, the reality must also be looked at. Even in Europe and America that we considered the world’s leading powers are crapping with crisis. Take for example my host nation, Holland, where 98% of Sierra Leoneans are jobless not to talk of the Greeks.

In America, there are many people sleeping along the streets even in the cold snow wind of the winter and no food to fill their God given stomachs. Sierra Leone being in the third world, no doubt about that in terms of crisis and underdevelopments but we should also give credit to where it due. Lately, many Sierra Leoneans who travelled back home to pay visits to their families came along with songs of praises. Even the SLPP supporters I know personally gave their own accolades to the present government in terms of infrastructures, agriculture etc.  We all know and it is not a hidden secret that there is more room for development. That is Emmerson for us who has now sold his pride to politicians.

The desperation to come to power by all means possible can make us sometimes act ferociously. We all know who Maada Bio is and what he is capable of doing. Though the Bible says that judge not and you shall not be judge but, at times it is necessary to judge. In his desperation, he rigged the SLPP convention in his favor so that he can gain a clean sweep at the party’s next coming flag-bearer contest. In this same anxiety, he went and married a celebrity to gain some financial support just because he heard the woman won an international award worth million dollars, after fooling Sierra Leoneans that he was married with kids at the 2012 general elections.

A Christian turned polygamy going against his religious doctrine just for politics? That is Sierra Leone for us.  Just in one month, two of the preeminent members of the party are now cooling their heels down the six feet. We all know Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Alpha Lavalie [late] a formal outspoken parliamentarian for the SLPP whom I admired so much in style and speaking qualities. A woman of substance that every Sierra Leonean will be proud to shudder with is now down and soon be forgotten. Christmas came and now another one again? This time, the daughter of late Justice Navo, Mrs. Melrose Kai Banya [Nee Navo].

These two late women were women of substances and great contributors to their party they love the most. Just because 2017 is coming closer and heads need to roll before it’s too late.  These are the sacrificial lambs, a SLPP friend of mine told me on the phone. Madams may your precious souls rest in perfect peace. Surely, your charitable, hospitaltable, etc. characters will surely remain with us on earth.

One thought on “Emmerson Rebuked about Kokobeh Music: SLPP Turns Ritualist for 2017/2018 Elections

  1. life is full of take and give. let give respect to our friends who are fighting for the better salone. best male artist in salone

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