Faculty Tutors and Students Appreciation Day at Reading and Writing Center at Montgomery College Takoma/ Silver Spring Campus

By Joseph Sherman, Faculty Tutor

 Are you searching for new ways to show your faculty how much you appreciate their efforts? Acting Director of the Writing and Reading Center, Ms. Amina Rahman on Monday, December 22, 2014 hosted faculty tutors and students workers in a party to show her appreciation. What are you doing to recognize staff members at your school during this end of year? The end of year offers presidents, directors, students, and parents a special opportunity to recognize the hard work teachers and tutors do all year long.

 I have learned that recognizing teachers and tutors is a critically important part of directors and presidents of institution’s job, since teaching and tutoring can sometimes feel like a unappreciated effort day in and day out.   Recognition from adults for a job well done or appreciation of ongoing efforts is vital.  Teachers need appreciation often, not just during the annual recognition week.

Probably once a year, perhaps at the end of school, a school could use its vision statement for an hour-long reflective discussion about progress or setbacks that occurred during the school year in relation to the vision statement. What progress did we make? Where did we drop the ball? What is the evidence that we are moving closer to fulfilling our vision or not? What do we need to do next year to accelerate our progress toward fulfilling our vision?

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