Is APC a cursed party?

By Tamba Gborie, London, UK.

To associate the term ‘curse’ with a prolific party like the APC with a remarkable record in the development of Sierra Leone since the 1960s is too harsh, disrespectful and misplaced. However the need to ask whether APC is a cursed party or not outweighs any love you may have for the party. It is an overstatement and perhaps a joke gone too far; but the reality is APC is not a cursed party rather it is the leaders in the likes of the Late Army General Joseph Saidu Momoh and Bai Koroma who makes APC look like a cursed party.

When the Late Dr. Siaka Probyn Stevens the former Head of State unilaterally hand-picked the Late General Momoh to lead the APC party he had very good intentions to do so; albeit ‘Bandaley’ had negative inferences attached to his leadership but he was by far a better leader than the General and president Koroma put together. They are the two people who sent the APC into stupor of disgrace and the public lack of trust for APC continues.

Following his assumption of office, the General created the ‘New Order’ his cabinet was partly military and partly civilian to bolster the one party state, which he did. On the flip-side the late president failed to resurrect and restructure the economy, improve education, equal treatment of the citizenry and the application of the rule of law were none existent under what happens if a girl takes viagra the Momoh regime. It was apparent that things will not get any better under president Momoh, then emerge the rebel incursion as a result of bad governance.

Because of president Momoh’s discriminatory tendencies, poor administration and suppression of the masses; the Truth and Reconciliation Commission held several behind the scene discussion whether to banned APC from politics or not particularly for the scar the party left behind by the Momoh government. This discussion was not recorded in the Commission’s report in order to prevent public hostility against the APC party. In the 2002 elections the lowest cost viagra online APC party was allowed to contest for two reasons; first to give the party another chance and; second not to make the rest of APC party members suffer for the actions of few corrupt men.

The million dollar question now is; did president Bai Koroma learn anything from the mistakes

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of the late president Momoh’s regime? Though we are living in a multi-party state it makes no difference living in a one party state, therefore viagra online the answer is no. It will interest you to know the scars left behind by the Momoh regime is still visible in the hearts and minds of Sierra Leoneans as their actions and comments on the Koroma regime indicates.

Meanwhile, seven years under president Bai Koroma is a living hell, where nothing seems to work for the 99% of the populace as the president is busy politicizing issues and errantly breaking the laws of Sierra Leone. In no uncertain terms education, health, the economy, employment and the infrastructure are reduced to mere comic theatre full of comedy entertainers with lofty promises they will not fulfill. President Koroma murdered the nation’s constitution, he bribe and threaten the Judges to rule in his favor. That being said, the ruling has become a precedent with an illegally vested power in an ill-defined terminology ‘Supreme Executive Authority’.

Under ‘Orders from Above’ (a mechanism to protect corrupt officials) recycling graft, selective justice, endorsing corruption with impunity and murder are no longer crimes in the books of president Koroma, not to speak of unemployment and destitution. Less than four months ago six women were murdered in various locations across the country and nothing was taking viagra and cialis at the same time done to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. Although the appointment of few women into ministerial positions of governance is a good move, it does not dismiss the fact that the president has fail.

In view of the aforementioned, the APC is not a cursed party, it is the late General Momoh and Bai Koroma who makes the party looks as if it is cursed

7 thoughts on “Is APC a cursed party?

  1. Those who say APC is cursed can see the plain truth that the party is blessed; but bad leaders always make people and their parties look bad. The APC scenario is a typical case. Well written and thorough analysis of this unique party. Thank you my brother.

  2. No hiding place for rogue politicians any more. Sierra Leone will surely recover its lost glory days.

  3. the truth is a bitter pill but it heals when taken. It is up to APC to decide how they will redeem their party and rebuild it image. President Koroma started off very beautifully but he surrounds himself with ‘kortors’ from the North who hasten up to destroy his good work. The president gave away too much to his people from the North, he let them get away with a lot of crimes. He protected them even in the face of serious crime president Koroma will turn a blind eye as long as it has to do with one of the kortors from the North. IB Kargbo, trashgate and falsifying evidence against the elected vp.

    Today president Koroma continue to face disgrace and humiliation for protecting bad people who damage his legacy… I think it is high time he resign because it looks like there is more disgrace in store for the president if he force his third term on Sierra Leoneans. These are few of the things that destroy APC.

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