Mabohanday Maryland Chapter Fundraising Dinner and Dance

By Joseph S. Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Salone Monitor

President David Bockarie, President, Mabohanday Maryland Chapter

The end of the year fundraising dinner and dance of the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter was held at the Good Samaritan Lutheran Church Hall on Sunday December 19, 2011.  The occasion brought together members of the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter, Virginia Chapter and a host of grass root organizations that came to grace the occasion.  The occasion was opened by Christian and Muslim prayers.

In his opening remarks, the Vice President of the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter, Mr. Donaldson who was the MC for the program welcomed attendees to the dinner and dance program.  He said the purpose of organizing this program is to raise funds intended to provide scholarships for 20 needy students in Sierra Leoneon a yearly basis.  He gave a vivid synopsis of how education has decline inSierra Leone because of the lack of support students are receiving.  According Mr. Donaldson, research conducted about education in Sierra Leone indicates that literacy in Sierra Leoneis about 37% and those mostly affected are girls.  It in this regard that the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter is taking the initiative to help alleviate the problem.  Mr. Donaldson use the occasion to introduce the President of the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter, David Bockarie former president of the Mabohanday Ohio Chapter whom is said he is a hard working president since he was elected in five months ago.  He said President David Bockarie has exemplified his leadership ability in Mabohanday Maryland

Partial View of attendees

Chapter by initiating so many worthwhile programs that has made a falling chapter resurrected.

Mr. Donaldson, MC and V.P. Mabohanday Maryland Chapter

Addressing the audience, President David Bockarie said he is happy and elated that members of the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter could come together and foster initiatives geared towards helping our motherland Sierra Leone.  He intimated that “we as members of the Diasporas are privileged because we could afford to live in comfort without any hassle unlike our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone who could not afford a meal a day or privileged to pursue higher education.”  He therefore calls on members and friends of Mabohanday to support the scholarship fundraising dinner and dance to help in alleviating educational problems facing Sierra Leoneans.  Mr. Bockarie said the fundraising is not limited to cash donations but is open to school supplies and clothing.  He thanked attendees for honoring the dinner and dance and urged them to enjoy themselves as best as they can.  

The Keynote speaker for the fundraising dinner and dance was Counselor Mayealie Kamara-Adams of Maryland.  Counselor Adams addressed the audience on divorce and immigration issues facing immigrants in the United States.  She said when one is faced with divorce issue, confusion and pain of separation is difficult.  However, it is advisable to lay a little preparatory groundwork for this period of emotional peaks and pits. The following steps address the practical, physical, and emotional aspects of preparing for divorce.  She added an individual don’t have to do them all at once. Depending on the situation, you can reduce the stress at this stage of your transition by working these into your normal routine.  She intimated that an individual could begin with those steps that feel most comfortable to you. For many, the strengthening of friendship and family ties will provide a solid foundation from which to proceed with the rest of the steps. If there’s a trusted friend or relative with whom you can share your plans for separation and divorce, so much the better. But be sure they will honor your confidences.  On the other hand, some divorces happen rather matter-of-factly, with both sides assenting to the outcome.  But when one spouse files for divorce because the other has had one or more affairs, the hurt feelings and raw emotions can create sparks in the legal proceeding.   In a situation when divorcing a cheater, many spurned spouses want to use every possible avenue to leverage themselves over their File on grounds of adultery. However, some of those that don’t consider adultery when dividing property and determining who must pay legal costs. By establishing and pressing the issue of adultery, you can usually get a better deal.  Counselor Adams advice that when negotiating the division of property, the fact of your spouse’s adultery gives you the advantage in virtually every category on top of any explicit benefits. Child custody tilts toward you, the virtuous spouse, as long as it’s in the best interests of the children.  If the affair was particularly egregious, or at least played up that way, it could be argued that the mental anguish has rendered you unable to work, instantly raising your

Counselor Mayealie Kamara-Adams, Keynote Speaker

alimony and child support payments at least for a period.

Finally on the issue of immigration related marriages, Counsellor Mayealie said many instances where an immigration benefit is conferred to an alien based on marriage to a U.S.permanent resident,U.S.citizen, or beneficiary of an immigrant petition, termination of the marriage by divorce may adversely affect the pending immigration petition of the alien. In some circumstances, divorce may also adversely affect the legal status of an alien who is a conditional permanent resident when the alien’s conditional permanent residence was obtained by marriage to a U.S.citizen. Moreover, divorce may also adversely affect an alien’ status as a non-immigrant when the alien’s non-immigrant status was based on marriage to certain classes of other non-immigrants. Counsellor Adams said that any questions regarding divorce and immigration she could contacted at her Law Firm inMaryland.

 Dr. Panda, Treasurer of Mabohanday Maryland Chapter also gave a brief history of how Mabohanday Maryland Chapter came into being.  He said few dedicated people saw the need to organize themselves to seek need of our brother and sisters in Sierra Leone.  Dr. Panda mentioned names like the late Musa Dumbuya, Pastor Pratt, Dr. Charles Kargbo, Ambassador Modu Sesay and host of dedicated members stood firmly for the establishment of the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter. Today, they the founding members are seeing their efforts coming to fruition. He urged members to be dedicated and recruits more members into the Maryland Chapter.

Mabohanday Maryland Chapter Officials

In his closing remarks, Dr. Charles Kargbo thanked attendees for responding to dinner and dance program.  He urged members to work assiduously for the enhancement of the Mabohanday Maryland Chapter so that the goals and aspirations of the chapter will be realized.

The program was climaxed with fundraising, raffle and dance to melodious African music

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