President Trump is getting lesson on Diplomacy

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking with Trump Saturday, “explained” the Geneva Refugee Convention to the new President, her spokesperson said.

The pact — approved in 1951 and amended in 1967 — outlines the humanitarian need to take in refugees fleeing persecution, political or otherwise.

It was originally limited to people leaving Europe following World War II, but was later expanded.

Th e convention identifies a refugee as someone “owing to well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion,” who’s unable or unwilling to return to their native country.

The pact was signed by 26 governments, including the U.S. and Iraq — one of the countries now included in Trump’s travel ban. Another country included in the executive order, Iran, was also represented at the conference.

Refugees are supposed to be taken in without discrimination by “race, religion or country of origin,” according to the treaty.

Protesters at JFK Airport

The signers were especially concerned with non-refoulement — not forcing asylum-seekers to return to a country where they could face “threats to life or freedom.”

Trump’s executive order seems to fly in the face of Article 8 of the convention, which outlines that countries should not take exceptional measures against someone “solely on account of (the refugee’s) nationality.”

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