Samuel John: A Life Well Lived!

John Baimba Sesay-CHINA

The Late Samuel John

Few years in journalism, but my less than a year period at Awoko newspaper helped in shaping me professionally for the unknown future and to this end, the late John, who until his call to eternity was Editor, did play his part.   Rounding up my studies for my first degree at Fourah Bay College and then a contract with Search For Common Ground/TALKING Drum Studios coming to an end, it took Umaru Fofana (BBC) to approach the leadership of Awoko newspaper, to recommend me for a job. That was the start, in March of 2008, of a long journey of camaraderie and Staff-Boss relationship with Samuel John.

Awoko newspaper was to later provide an environment where all of us saw each other as members of one large family but from different backgrounds and Samuel John was to be the beacon of direction and professional excellence, next to the newspaper family head, Kelvin Lewis.

My spell at the newspaper was brief, but extremely helpful in shaping my journalist profession. The regular production meetings provided us with the opportunity to know what an office environment meant.

The late man’s instinct for exclusive stories enabled reporters to be hardworking, not being lazy; to go for the news to be published the next day only by Awoko. He was amongst the very last set of people to leave the office at odd hours, when some of us are home sleeping. An instrumental person in the growth of the newspaper, media and journalism has fallen!

There was this American/Japanese intern, Yu Nakayama. We both had been sent to Waterloo as we were to do a piece on decentralization. Our return to the office was greeted by this ‘exciting’ but frustrating experience Yu had, using a poda poda with close to 20 persons.

Much as people wanted to hear the experience, Uncle John was much concerned about the outcome of our investigation. That was the kind of person he was, never wished to see the paper go dry the next day in terms of meeting the expectations of the public.

The late man had this feeling of making use of persons and resources to get the office work going. Ishmael Bayoh once doing a piece on how Yu would be missed by the newspaper wrote “…our deputy editor, Samuel John will badly miss him when adverts come in hard copies and Yu is not there to help him out with his electronic typing…”

For him, the growth of the newspaper was very crucial.   There were those moments he would shout, those crazy periods in the newsroom when we would be running up to meet deadline. But never was there a time he exhibited anger to the point of wishing to see you out of the paper. Never!  He was like a father to many and journalistically.

NOTE: John Baimba Sesay was a reporter at Awoko newspaper. He is Sierra Leone’s current Press Attaché to the People’s Republic of China. Tribute was published in Awoko newspaper, Sierra Leone!


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