SLPP in Disarray as Counter Accusations continues Unabated within Members

Press Release

Stalwarts of Sierra Leone People’s Party are annoying supporters everyday as accusations and counter accusations fly helter shelter.  On a live program on Eastern Radio 101.9FM recently, the newly appointed Deputy Vice Chairman for SLPP (1 and 2) Mr Joseph Kpulun categorically said Julius Maada Bio should not be called ‘Doctor’ because he has never been rewarded a PHD.

Reports say Mr Kpulun, who was dismissed from the military because of his negative attitude, is believed to be exhibiting the same negative stuff that led to his expulsion from the SLPP party.  Also, Mr. Lahai Leema Acting Publicity Secretary SLPP (1&2) disclosed  on the radio interview that Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin is a German Sierra Leonean and must not to be given a position of trust in the SLPP etc.

Mr Kpulun also measured in his interview that Maada Bio and his supporters are bent on destroying the democratic process and warned that Maada needs to clearly inform his supporters who are going against the other aspirants, to stop their violent nature.

Mr Kpulun said Dr. Prince Harding is always bent on undermining others while his ability is inefficient which even led the late Sierra Leone President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah to sack him from office.

While Lahai Leema said Chief Kapen is also a total disappointment to the SLPP because of his inability to execute his functions properly. Lahai Leema noted: “SLPP knew that JOB is a German Sierra Leonean and not qualified to take certain offices but they still went on to give him a symbol to run for councilor Kailahun District Council.

JOB was eventually appointed Finance Minister and later on elected him as the SLPP party Chairman/Leader for two terms. And today he is now being baptized clearly as a foreigner, liar and coupist by the same SLPP. This shows that SLPP will continually disappoint us as Sierra Leoneans.

Chief Kapen is said to be a trouble maker and unable to rule well and you also democratically elected him as Chairman/Leader so that he can replicate such to the nation. You also knew that Dr Prince Harding is someone who always undermines his boss and his inefficiency to position of trust given to him but you totally turned around to elect him as the Deputy Vice chairman/Leader for SLPP.

Finally at the moment, you know that Maada Bio is not democratic but you then continue to disappoint us that he is father of democracy. You know he has changed many wives 5-6. And he  had all of his children with different mothers and you continue to lie to us that he is consistent and satisfactory.

You said he is father of peace, what happened between him and his former wife in the United States of America which perhaps made him not to be given the green light to inter that country. Oohh!! he studied Peace and Conflict but from the look of events, he was only interested in the aspect of conflict incitement and not peace resolution.

However, when will SLPP give Sierra Leone a presidential candidate with nationalistic character? When will SLPP stop deceiving Sierra Leoneans with dishonest characters.

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