The SLPP Flabearership Choice Dilemma, from the Frying Pan into the Fire?

By Tony Bee, Sydney

Sometimes even one will want to sit down and keep quiet to watch how the political climate or weather in Sierra Leone is moving, especially between the two most powerful political parties, APC and the SLPP in the country. But because of certain issues that some ghost writers normally bring to the public domain will trigger one’s mind to take up his or her type writer or laptop to put his or her thoughts together on such issue/s.

However, I don’t normally blame the ghost writers, I blame the grave looters that usually go around and opened their graves to let them out prematurely to go and disturb peaceful decent living people in the country. Therefore, it is good to allow them live peacefully in their last resting places call homes (graves).

Ghost writers simply means those who write articles or stories without putting their real true identity such as name and address, particularly their by lines. Such writers are like the dead people that been buried in their graves. But for some reasons, including the looting of their residences (graves) would let them go out to go and disturb certain programs and activities through their ghost spirit that a good living man or woman cannot see.

They are the type of journalists or writers that destroying the noble profession’s good image and their fellow patriotic hard working Sierra Leoneans reputation. By writing deceitful articles, stories and the posting of all sorts of fake news, information and fake photos in the social media, particularly whatsaap and face book.

They forgot that, we are no longer living in gorilla war fare journalism. Those days are gone.  The days where people were afraid to voice out their views objectively opened. Because of the dictatorship and tyranny governments that used to suppress press freedom and freedom of speech, particularly during the NPRC and SLPP governments periods in Sierra Leone.

So in this atomic age, especially information age, everybody has the right to air out his or her views objectively open without fear, especially the current President Ernest Koroma APC government. Where people can write all sorts of fake articles, stories and post fake photos to the social media about his government without government interference.

What I am really trying to bring to the attention of my readers is, I read a piece in one of the Sierra Leone online newspapers “The Sierra Leone Telegraph” published on the 28th of January 2017 captioned, “Sierra Leone opposition SLPP disunity and the importance of Alie Kabba’s leadership”. In such article the writer did not identify him or herself. He just wrote, by “patriotic Sierra Leonean” as by line. To me, the writer sounded like he or she is not really confidence and honest to himself on what he wrote about Alie Kabbah.

And he was not also sure on what he was trying to tell the nation and the world about Alie Kabbah suitability for SLPP flagbearership. If he was really honest and completely sure on what he was trying to tell his or her fellow Sierra Leoneans and the world about Alie Kabbah was true he should not have hide himself by failing to put his or her true by line or real name.

In view of such attitudes and behavior, in my view, the writer is one of the enemies of the SLPP peace, unity and stability. And he is also one of the enemies of peace and development in the country. Because if there is no peace and unity in the SLPP as a party, that will also affect the country’s democracy directly or indirectly. Therefore, to me, he also sounded like one of the SLPP supporters that eating with two hands. He is eating in the SLPP flag bearer collation and at the same time chopping inside Maada Bio’s camp. That was why he did not want to truly identify himself by putting his or her real by line. Whether he or she will accept that or not it’s up to him.

Although we have patriotic and constructive Journalists or writers with pen names in journalism. But in this case I am talking about unpatriotic and destructive evil pen names.

Therefore, using “patriotic Sierra Leone” as by line, yes it is well and good for the writer. But I am sorry to say it is completely a deceitful way of writing and to me, it is also professionally wrong. The fact is we have two types of patriotic Sierra Leoneans. That is objective patriotic Sierra Leoneans and destructive patriotic Sierra Leoneans, particularly those who always hide themselves under the word “patriotic” while they are not. If you really want to promote Alie Kabbah for the flag bearer ship of SLPP, why don’t you come out openly so that people will know that you are for him than enslaving yourself and playing double standards?

However, the SLPP because of their ungrateful attitudes, indiscipline, lawless, violent nature and their tribalism and regional sentiments, they always seemingly quick to forget to learn good lesson from their past mistakes. Instead of learning good lesson for the safety of the country and their party. In 2012, general elections, they brought in Maada Bio as flag bearer. According to them because Maada Bio is violence so he is the only one that fit to challenge the APC.

They failed on their unpatriotic destructive plan. Now they are looking for another failed scapegoat violence man or woman, so-called flag bearer aspirant for their party at the expense of the nation. They, SLPP still seemingly turning blind eyes on how the political weather in the world is changing rapidly, especially against violence way of changing a government, particularly in Africa. The recent Gambia political impasse is a case in point. Therefore, I want SLPP to know that Sierra Leoneans will not going to vote blindly like Americans. Vote now and regret later. They will never do such a silly mistake. The fact is that, the devil they know is better than the one they don’t know.

The reason being, all the less tinted names with less baggage with national and international respect flag bearer aspirants they have, certain heavily tinted names with heavy baggage start to resurface at this political modern time. They are seemingly refusing to learn from history. Because they think that Sierra Leoneans are sleeping in their wings.

Anyway who is Alie Kabbah? I am asking the question because I don’t know him. Is it Alie Kabbah of the Libya Green Book and Foday Sankoh connection that brought untold suffering on the poor and defenceless people of Sierra Leone? Who turned peaceful innocent hard working Sierra Leoneans to amputee beggars? Whether he is the one or not time will tell. Because it is not yet time for politics.

However, one thing I will like SLPP to also know is that if they are deliberately refusing to lean good lesson from their past mistakes because of their tribalism nature and regional sentiments, Sierra Leoneans are fast in learning from their 1991 brutal bitter civil war in the country. So no son or daughter of Adam will fool them this time around. Sierra Leoneans yesterday are not the same today. They are no longer sleeping in their wings.

Therefore, if I may ask question, what really wrong with SLPP? They, SLPP cannot even put themselves together as a unified political party, at the same time they want to rule the country. How they are in disarray so they want to come and rule the country, especially on tribal and regional disunity line? It is a big NO.

In view of that, Mr ghost writer of Alie Kabbah, if you really want to promote him, it’s your right but please identify yourself by writing your true and honest by line so that the people will know who you are. In view of that, please feel free to make yourself known where you belong rather than doing play cook game.

3 thoughts on “The SLPP Flabearership Choice Dilemma, from the Frying Pan into the Fire?

  1. Tony Bee I think U should be giving advice to the politicians rather fuelling tribal and regional sentiments in my dear country. The two main political parties in Sierra Leone are polarised.The word TRIBALISM in Sierra Leone is found in the words and writings of people who are hiding under tribes for recognition.Educate our people on Australia democracy.I am TUCKER the greatgrandson of Chief Henry Tucker and Prince Abraham Tu cker.Let us get rid of that primitive word that is destroying Africa.

  2. Not only is Tony Bee’s article full of grammatical mistakes and errors but also convoluted in nature. At one point he is arguing against the use of anonymous online names,while in the same article, he accommodates them. What a shame. Please ensure , in future, to proof read any of his articles before publication or else I will ask my kids never to read your online newspaper, before their very good English is driven away from them.

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