Together For Progress First Annual Fundraising Dinner and Dance Extravaganza

By Joseph Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Salone Monitor, Washington, DC

Together for Progress is a leading charity, nonprofit organization involved in efforts to provide emergency relief to Ebola victims in Sierra Leone. Life-saving efforts include providing medical treatment, clothing and scholarships to the most vulnerable in the society. Sierra Leone and the sub region have experienced an historic outbreak of the Ebola virus. There is a clear opportunity to foster positive change out of the devastating health disaster by providing relief services to the survivals of this deadly virus.

This project will help create and foster a spirit of understanding among Sierra Leoneans, and encourage service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, professions, public works and private endeavors.

President Alusine Kamara, and Mary Khanu, Vice President and other faithful members of Together For Progress started this charity two years ago. Seeing the need of our brothers and sisters facing in Sierra Leone we find it expedient to initiate this Together for Progress organization in

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support of our underprivileged brothers, sisters, fathers and parents.

However, those who survived the Ebola virus and their families are faced with so many challenges. These men and women, and their families, face great challenges – spanning issues including anxiety, memory loss, aggression, depression, physical pain, family break downs, unemployment, financial stress, homelessness, lengthy rehabilitation and very little understanding within their communities.

The most important and exciting way we help these Ebola Survival Victims is through our Reintegration and Recovery Network. The Together for Progress organization will deliver medium to long term support for those with the highest need.

Apart from delivering direct support to the Ebola Survival victims – and their families – Together For Progress will also offer opportunities for the community to engage with Ebola Survivals and show their support in a tangible and meaningful way.

President Alusine Kamara (R) and Vice President Mary Khanu (L) of Together For Progress

We are excited by what the future holds, and hope that as we move forward, we can count on all of your support. For now, please be generous and come and enjoy some great dinner and some great company.

Remember that they will continue to face challenges and work on their rehabilitation for months, or even years in to the future. Please help us in this fundraising and beyond – to help our Ebola Survival Victims in Sierra Leone.




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