Tribute to Mrs. Alice Florence Koroma

By Franka N’kadi, Capella University, PhD,c


L-R Franka N’kadi, Late Alice Koroma and Harry Omoregie, visit to Mrs Alice Koroma in Makeni

This tribute is dedicated to Mrs. Alice Florence Koroma.  During our visit toSierra Leone we were fortunate to meet with her and had healthy discussions in her residence in Makeni.  From the time we established the cordial relationship during our visit to Sierra Leone, I came to develop a special love for her and she reciprocated the same.  I was fortunate to speak to her the day before she died and had urged me to pray for her son, the President Ernest B. Koroma, the people of Sierra Leone and for a peaceful election process.  It is big loss for the people of Sierra Leone and to all who were fortunate to interact with her.

 Mrs. Alice Florence Koroma was special! Very special! She carried a special charm and friendly personality that so easily endeared her to those who were fortunate enough to come in contact with her. You can have your kings and rulers and Nobel winners and anyone you want, but as for me no one could even come close to Mrs. Alice Florence Koroma. She was a wonderful woman and a very fine lady! The very best!

L-RJoseph Lasana, Dean of Business, Makeni University, Kadie Koroma, Chairlady APC, Makeni and Franka, N’Kadi and Fatmata Kamara

Believe you me, I could write a good sized book about her, and by the time you were finished reading it, you would have tears in your eyes and would have elevated her to the highest level of people, good people, the very best who ever lived on earth, and deservedly so.

She was such a blessing to everyone who knew her, especially for me and Harry. What a privilege and blessing to have met her! Such a loving Mother that any son or daughter would be proud to have! What a very special person, wonderful woman and fine lady she was!

We know that death–physical death is not the end. The end is contingent on how we handled, heard and responded to the Word of Life: Jesus Christ Himself while we are still alive. Eternal bliss or damnation is based on whether we are found in the end to be IN Him or not!!

Jesus said, ” I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”

Family members and friends of Mrs. Alice Florence Koroma

We cannot but help remember you the way you were when you were alive…the day that I spoke with you before your demise. How special: How caring, how concerned for others you always were, even when you weren’t feeling good.

You were our Mother! Warm, affectionate and always concerned about people. As fine a person that ever lived. You were always full of life, bestowing upon all of us many blessings in just knowing you, in being around you, in talking with you, crying with you, ripping on you, laughing with you, and in your sharing your life with us. Your loss hurts like no other… any other! We all miss you greatly, Mrs. Alice Florence Koroma!

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